Reframed: Disability Aesthetics and Institutional Change in the Visual Arts

An online panel discussion about disability in the visual arts featuring artists, curators and arts professionals from across the world. They will explore several key questions including:

What are the key challenges and opportunities at this moment?
What are the similarities and differences across Europe and beyond?
What does best practice look like?
What are the key initiatives? How do we move forward?

How can organisations become more accessible and improve the representation of disabled artists. What small initial things can be done which are important first steps before the more seismic systemic changes can be implemented? How can culture change be implemented and sustained in a meaningful authentic process? How do we overcome resistance to change?

What are the creative possibilities of disability in an aesthetic sense? How do you define disability aesthetics and how can we increase recognition and appreciation for this within the visual arts, considering the relevance and representation of disabled artists and curators. What are the specific considerations for curators when working with disabled artists or with disability and neurodivergence as curatorial themes?

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veröffentlicht am: 17.06.2024