Preise und Stipendien
Bewerbungsfrist: 01.09.2023

2 Nottebohm fellowships

Each year, the Hendrik Conscience Heritage Library and the Museum Plantin-Moretus (Antwerp) will offer a short-term Nottebohm fellowship to two researchers. The fellowship is intended to promote research on our collections for the history of the early printed book (15th-18th century) in Antwerp, with the gracious support of the Thierry and Frédéric Nottebohm Grant of the Nottebohm Family Foundation.

These grants are intended to allow scholars to travel to Antwerp to conduct research on the collections of both institutions with a minimum duration of two weeks. Successful applicants are expected to start their research visit within one year after the acceptance.

The research grant is intended for researchers of all nationalities and at any levels (early career, independent or established scholars), whose place of residence is more than 250 km from Antwerp. Projects must relate to specific items or collections in our institutions.

The grant provides a maximum of € 2000 euros for researchers living in Europe and a maximum of € 3000 for researchers outside Europe. The grant can only be used for transportation and accommodation. 

veröffentlicht am: 06.07.2023, Quelle: Museum Plantin-Moretus