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Bewerbungsfrist: 15.10.2020
ausschreibende Institution:
Clark Art Institute

3 Clark Fellowships

In our fellowships, we will seek to eliminate barriers in academia, museums, and arts institutions by supporting scholarship that reveals the systemic inequalities of art history as a discipline and challenges us to address these inequalities as we move forward differently. In order to work toward this, we are introducing three new fellowships:

Caribbean Art and Its Diasporas Fellowship // Critical Race Theory and Visual Culture Fellowship // Futures Fellowship

Scholars may propose topics that relate to the visual arts, their history, practice, theory, or interpretation. Any proposal that contributes to understanding the nature of artistic activity and the intellectual, social, and cultural worlds with which it is connected is welcome.
Applicants should hold a PhD or demonstrate equivalent professional experience. They may come from the academic or museum worlds, or from other professional backgrounds, and may be residents of any country. Fellowships are awarded on a scale related to need and earnings, up to a maximum rate of $30,000 per semester.

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