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Bewerbungsfrist: 29.03.2024
ausschreibende Institution:
American Friends of Chartres

American Friends of Chartres Grants for research on Chartres Cathedral

The Servane de Layre-Mathéus Grant Fund of the American Friends of Chartres is accepting proposals from current graduate students and emerging scholars for its annual research grant for the study of Chartres. The American Friends of Chartres will provide a grant of $2,500.00 and will facilitate lodging, as well as access to the cathedral, the Centre International du Vitrail, the municipal library, archival collections and related resources.

The grant will help to support a research project requiring on-site research in Chartres that promises to advance knowledge and understanding of the cathedral of Notre-Dame de Chartres or its historical contexts in the medieval to early modern period. Topics in the fields of art history, history, or related disciplines might include architecture, stained glass, sculpture, urban development, economy, religious practices, manuscripts, or the cathedral treasury, among others.


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