Preise und Stipendien
Bewerbungsfrist: 01.09.2020
ausschreibende Institution:
Zukunftskolleg, Universität Konstanz

CAT (Constructive Advanced Thinking)

The aim of the CAT initiative is to foster networks of excellent early-career researchers dedicated to devise new ideas to understand and to tackle current or emerging societal challenges. Although the programme has a strong focus on the societal relevance of the projects, it is entirely blue-sky, bottom-up and non-thematic. CAT encourages a collaboration with stakeholders outside academia (industry, policymakers, NGOs…) who are willing to support or engage in innovative research initiatives. CAT will cover travel and accommodation expenses for the team meetings/short work stays in the participating institutes. CAT will not fund salaries.

veröffentlicht am: 29.07.2020