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Bewerbungsfrist: 19.09.2021
ausschreibende Institution:
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

Fellowships at the Käte Hamburger Center “Dis:connectivtiy in processes of globalisation“

The Käte Hamburger Research Centre “Dis:connectivity in processes of globalisation” (global dis:connect) at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) Munich invites applications for fellowships of up to 12 months for the academic year 2023/24.
The work of the fellows should have a clear connection to the general goals of the Käte Hamburger Research Centre and deal with at least one of the annually changing focal topics. These are:
• academic year 2022/23: interruptions
• academic year 2023/24: absences
• academic year 2024/25: detours

After agreement, the centre will either cover the costs for a teaching substitute at the home institution or pay a stipend. In addition, the costs for the return journey (economy) to Munich will be reimbursed. A fully equipped workplace is provided. Applications are open to post-doctoral researchers who have already distinguished themselves with outstanding work on the thematic focus of the centre.

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