Preise und Stipendien
Bewerbungsfrist: 17.11.2023
ausschreibende Institution:
Musée Fabre

François Daulte Research Grant

Since 2017, the Musée Fabre has held a "François Daulte" collection, consisting of the archive of the art historian, author of the first catalog raisonné of Frédéric Bazille (1841-1870). In order to enhance the value of this collection and more broadly the research of François Daulte, it was decided to establish an annual "François Daulte" grant of Euro 10,000.

Thus, the "François Daulte" research grant will support research in history and art history in line with the fields of study of François Daulte. The fellowship will be open to post-doctoral students in history and art history. It will be open to French and English speaking candidates. The grant must result in a publication related to the research project, digital or paper, during the two years following the allocation of the grant.

veröffentlicht am: 13.06.2023, Quelle:, 10.06.2023