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Bewerbungsfrist: 08.01.2024
ausschreibende Institution:

Johan Huizinga Fellowship

The Johan Huizinga Fellowship welcomes outstanding candidates to submit proposals for historical research into objects in the Rijksmuseum collection. We welcome international, independent research proposals which open new perspectives on the Rijksmuseum’s collection, its history and activities. The purpose of the Fellowship Programme is to encourage and support scholarly investigation, and to contribute to academic discourses while strengthening bonds between the museum and universities. The Johan Huizinga Fellowship is primarily intended for candidates whose focus is on the historical role and symbolic meaning of objects, on material culture or the societal context in which these artifacts were used. This Fellowship offers early career scholars the opportunity to conduct historical research into objects in the Rijksmuseum collection.

Fellowship stipends are awarded to help support a Fellow’s study and research efforts during the tenure of the appointment. The stipend of €29,250 for MA graduate/PhD Fellows or €33,750 for postdoctoral Fellows (subject to taxes and deductions) is for a period of nine months commencing September 2024, the start of the academic year.

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