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Bewerbungsfrist: 31.08.2020
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Fondazione 1563

The Age and the Culture of Baroque Fellowships 2020

Since 2013, Fondazione 1563 per l’Arte e la Cultura della Compagnia di San Paolo has offered annual Fellowships and Research grants for Advanced Studies on the Age and the Culture of Baroque. In line with this program and in a wider effort to support research in Humanities, in 2020 Fondazione 1563 has launched a competition for five Fellowship grants for advanced studies on the Age and the Culture of Baroque - eighth edition.
The theme of research proposals for the 2020 competition is: #DIGITAL BAROQUE/#GLOBAL BAROQUE. The 2020 Fellowships made available by Fondazione 1563 will focus on proposals concerning the study of Baroque through or thanks to digital means in a global historical perspective, with special emphasis on the exchanges that have led to the creation of a globalized world.

Each of the 5 Fellowships consists of an annual grant amounting to € 23,000 before taxes and other charges. The grant will have a duration of one year, starting on 1st January 2021 until 31st December 2021, and may be extended for an additional quarter, at no additional charge for Fondazione 1563 and with delayed payment to the grantee of the last instalment.

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