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Art History in Quarantine: Digital Transformations, Digital Futures

In the age of shelter-in-place, digital literacy is no longer optional. In just a few weeks, we have seen an unprecedented infrastructural shift to video conferencing, online pedagogy, and project management software. What presents itself as a challenge to everyday art history is also digital art history’s greatest opportunity—for experimentation, learning, and moving forward, together. With this in mind, we hope to pose a number of pressing questions to our global community: What does a civilization in “social distancing” mean for art history, museums, teaching, and infrastructure? What are the challenges right now? What are the opportunities today? What proven tools are available? What can we expect from the future? Physical separation need not warrant intellectual isolation. Be part of the global exchange.

DURATION: approx. 3,5 hours
FEE: 7 € via PayPal, Debit or Credit card (the fee covers organizational costs and honoraria for speakers)

veröffentlicht am: 06.04.2020, Quelle: DAHJ