CfP: Audioliterary Poetry between Performance and Mediatization

The second international and interdisciplinary conference of the ERC project Poetry in the Digital Age addresses “Audioliterary Poetry between Performance and Mediatization”. The conference will focus on three interrelated fields: (1) live poetry performances, created through the co-presence of audience and performer; (2) the mediatization of performed poetry, e.g., recordings of events published or posted online; (3) contemporary sound poetry as audio-publications and commissioned works for (radio) broadcasts and/or studio productions. The spectrum of investigation ranges from experimental niche productions to highly eventized, popular forms of poetry.

We welcome interdisciplinary contributions in German and English.

Einsendefrist: 15.09.2022
Heilwigstr. 116
20249 Hamburg
veröffentlicht am: 29.06.2022