Convergences and Divergences – Modernism beyond East and West


The Organizers of the interdisciplinary conference call for contributions that critically rethink and analyze the history of European modern architecture with reference to Central and Eastern Europe. The conference addresses the history of modern architecture from a horizontal and non-hierarchical perspective, overcoming outdated and simplistic categories such as East and West. It will focus not only on design and urban planning issues, but also on questions related to the transformation of societies, the exchange of ideas, the building of relationships between people or the struggle for a better future. The conference program is shaped along the following five topic areas.

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Einsendefrist: 17.09.2023
Pilecki-Institute Berlin,
Pariser-Platz 4a, 10117 Berlin
Weiterer Veranstaltungsort
Zusätzliche Ausstellung "Soft Ground – Exercising Modernity" vom 25.10. – 26.11.2023
BHROX bauhaus reuse, Ernst-Reuter-Platz (auf der Mittelinsel des Kreisverkehrs), 10587 Berlin

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