CfP: Networks and Practices of Connoisseurship in the Global Eighteenth Century

This international conference intends to foster a better understanding of the intricate transactions through which connoisseurial knowledge of art was generated during the long eighteenth century. Questions we are interested in pursuing include: how are social, institutional and commercial networks built and how do they evolve over time? What were the channels through which encounters with art from afar were made possible? Is there a difference of purpose between local, national, and international networks? Are some regions over- or underrepresented in these connoisseurial networks and what do these asymmetries reveal about the artistic geographies of the time? What methods were used to analyze and categorize art from other parts of the globe? And how might a recognition of the conventionality of artmaking have shaped local definitions of art and artistic quality in such regions as Asia, the colonial Americas, and Europe?

Proposals that introduce new interdisciplinary and methodological approaches will especially be encouraged.

Einsendefrist: 30.06.2021
veröffentlicht am: 28.04.2021, Quelle:, 26.04.2021