Digital realities: political imagery and mediatized nature in times of Covid-19

Since the outbreak of the Covid pandemic, public life has increasingly shifted to the digital realm, with events taking place online and on shared screens - with individuals isolated from each other, sitting at home at their computers. The focus will be on digital ephemera in times of Covid-19, as several current political crises such as the pandemic, social fractures, and climate change, along with its narratives, collide here. These range from virtual protests to a changed perception of nature and the pandemic’s disruption of global everyday life to questions of disinformation. Using concrete examples of images, we will discuss the emergence of a time-specific political-ecological iconography and what influence this has on the ubiquitous generation and distribution of digital (moving) images as images and representatives of pandemic reality.

The workshop will as well take place via Zoom (Link).

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veröffentlicht am: 06.12.2021