Scalability and its Limits in Photography and (Digital) Sculpture

The workshop aims to focus on scaling as a cultural technique, and as an imaging practice fundamentally based on procedures of measuring, scanning, transforming, and projecting objects in time and space. Investigating the manifold intersections between two- and three-dimensionality, the workshop will examine these relations from an art history, image science, and media studies perspective. We will discuss questions of scalability and the non-scalable (Tsing 2012), with a focus on photography and (digital) sculpture. This discussion is based on the observation that these two fields are increasingly entangled with each other. The idea of merging several dimensions is now considered state of the art, both in contemporary (digitized) photographic practices and in the field of digital sculpture. In this context, we are particularly interested in exploring the limits of scalability, the aesthetics of disruption, and glitches that may result from engaging with these limits.

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Zentralinstitut für Kunstgeschichte
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