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Venetian Disegno: New Frontiers

The relationship between disegno and Renaissance Venetian art has historically been a problematic one, with emphasis instead being placed on the Venetian predilection for colore. Scholarship of the past few decades has, however, challenged this perspective and drawn attention to the importance of the Venetian disegno. This digital conference brings together some of the most novel research in this field in order to establish a new frontier.

Disegno is applied in its multifaceted nature to encompass the physical act of drawing, the tangible drawn object, and the role of design in artistic practice. Papers will bear witness to this mutability by addressing topics including printmaking, workshop reuse, under-drawings and the adoption of diverse graphic media by Venetian artists active between circa 1430 and 1620.

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Titian, Two Arcadian Musicians in a landscape © The Trustees of the British Museum
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