Works in Process. Dimensions of Becoming within the Arts

Organized by the early career researchers of the DFG-funded research group "Dimensions of techne in the Fine Arts – Manifestations / Systems / Narratives" we want to deploy the theoretical approaches of structural vitality and openness to artifacts and artworks – from their creative conception to their (autopoietic) production up until their afterlife – and make them observable as epistemically significant.

Despite the unpredictability of pandemic conditions, any and all attempts will be made to have an in-person conference in Bochum. The panels and keynote will additionally be made accessible via Zoom. Should conditions not allow us to proceed in this manner, an online format will be pursued.

Die Teilnahme ist kostenfrei.
Veranstaltungszentrum Saal 1
Universitätsstraße 150
44801 Bochum
Weiterer Veranstaltungsort
Museum unter Tage
Nevelstraße 29 D
4495 Bochum

veröffentlicht am: 05.09.2022